Sukkot -5784 FAQs


Q: Will the restaurant be opened on Sukkot?

During chol hamoed the restaurant will be operating as part of the Mega Food Fest Outdoors.


Q: Will the Mega Food Fest be offering allergy friendly/celiac options?

A list of the independent vendors who will be selling food at the Food Fest will be posted on our site. Please check our site When the list is posted you can contact the vendors directly and see which ones will be selling foods that meet your needs.


Q:If we purchase attraction tickets online. Do we still have to stop by chabad to pick them up?

YES! The Chabad ticket booth will be open from 9AM-9PM.

Q: If I am staying at a different hotel in the area (not the ones Chabad was booking with) can I still participate in the activities?

YES! You are more than welcome to join us and participate, no matter where you will be staying.


Q: Is Chabad offering Meal for the FIRST DAYS of Yom Tov?

Chabad will not be hosting Minyan or meals during the first days of Yom Tov. (The Rabbi will not be present at Chabad during this time. He will be at Chabad on Campus, engaging with university students, which is approximately a 15-minute drive from Niagara Falls.)   However, the Shul is open and accessible 24/7/365, and can be easily accessed with a key code written in Hebrew on the door. In case 10 visitors show up, there is a Sefer Torah available to make a Minyan. Additionally, there is a mini kitchenette with coffee and cake for visitors to enjoy. It is important to note that there is no facility in the Chabad house to heat up, refrigerate/freeze, or store food. Visitors are advised to bring their own food when coming to eat in the sukkah and take it back when leaving. Chabad of Niagara will be fully operational during Chol Hamoed and will be happy to greet visitors. Wishing you a wonderful Yom Tov!


Q: Will Chabad be open for LAST DAYS of Yom Tov?

A decision has not been made yet, please check our website for updates closer to the time.


Q: What are the hours for the waterpark? 

Session 1: Monday, Oct 2

Time: Females 5:00-7:00PM, Males 7:30-9:30PM

Session 2: Tuesday, Oct 3

Time: Males 1:00-3:00, Females 3:30-5:30PM

Ages 2 and up must buy a ticket. (Even if you aren’t going into the water, a ticket is needed for admission into the building.)


Q: Can I go to the other waterpark session from the one that i booked?

A: No, you can only go to the waterpark date and time that is listed on your ticket.


Q: What if I just go to the waterpark to watch my kids, I’m not going in the water, do I need a ticket?

Yes, everyone who walks through the doors age 2 and up must have a ticket. Tickets are for entry- not for swimming.


Q: If we come by RV is there a place to park near Chabad?  Is there an electrical hookup nearby?

There is no electrical hookup available near Chabad. (It is illegal to operate overnight in City parking spaces.) The nearest trailer parks in the city are about a 10-12 minute drive from Chabad. (check google).


Q: Can you recommend any attractions:

The Chabad website lists the Niagara attractions, which you can find at Because what each person likes is so individual, we generally refrain from giving recommendations and suggest you research at your leisure.


Q: Is there a Sukkah available for sleeping?

Yes, Reservations MUST be made in advance. Fill out the form to reserved your space:

 This sukkah is only available from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Bedding is not being provided. Cots are available for rent (per person, not per night)


Q: Bringing a Lulav and esrog over the border-is it problematic?

Chabad in general doesn’t answer border questions, but as far as we know no one ever had an issue bringing them over. The is an option to purchase a lulav and esrog set and have it sent to Chabad without a delivery charge. 


Q: Where will minyanim be held over Chol Hamoed? 

We are expected a large amount of people, minyanim will be in Chabad’s shul, the ballroom as well as in an outdoor tent. (all by or right near the Chabad House)


Q: Are the Niagara attractions within walking distance of Chabad.

Generally yes, most Niagara attractions are within a 10-25 minute walk from the chabad house.

There are some that are a drive away. The closest being 10 min, the furthest a 20 minute drive. These include: whirlpool jet boats, helicopter ride, white water walk, aero cable car, butterfly conservatory)


Q: Must I go to the NIAGARA attraction on the day I purchase the ticket?

A: No. All attractions can be booked ahead of time. Some attractions require you to select a date you are going, but it doesn’t need to be  decided on the day you book.


Q: Can I participate in the Chol Hamoed activities without pre-booking?

No, all the Chabad activities listed on must be booked in advance.


Q: Is everything in Canadian dollars? 

All the Niagara attractions are in Canadian dollars. Food sold at the FOOD FEST will be in Canadian Dollars. The Hotel booking will be in USD. The Chol Hamoed attractions (concert tickets, waterpark tickets, and Kosher IMAX tickets). please check our site carefully


Q: Do you offer attractions to the US side of the Niagara?

No, not for individuals, this is only available for groups.


Q: Are the hotels close to the Chabad? 

Almost all hotels are about a 7 min walk from Chabad 


For any other questions, please email [email protected] or call at 905-356-7200