Chabad Niagara serves the hundreds of Jewish families in the Niagara Region. Throughout the summer and tourist seasons, Chabad Niagara is happy to assist the thousands of Jewish visitors who come through this world-famous destination with all their Jewish needs.

Headed by Rabbi Zalman and Perla Zaltzman along with their children, Mendel, Daniel, Moussia, Pessia, Hannah and Avush, they welcome and embrace each and every Jew they meet, regardless of background or affiliation.


Chabad Niagara offers daily and Shabbat services throughout the tourist seasons. The Minyan is composed of visitors; hence we strongly encourage your participation which will ensure the needed quorum.  More >>



Throughout the tourist season there are two Kosher restaurants in Niagara Falls that lease the space on the main level of the Chabad Jewish Welcome Centre.  More >>


Throughout the tourist season, you’re welcome to join our warm and inspiring Minyan composed of visitors from all corners of the world, indulge in our sumptuous meals, sing beautiful and uplifting Shabbat melodies, and share a L’chaim or two! View the illumination of Niagara Falls after your Shabbat meal, take an early morning walk or afternoon stroll along the Falls as you enjoy the peaceful Shabbat.  More >>



The Fallsview Group Hotels are the official Niagara Falls Partner Hotels with Chabad Niagara. The Fallsview Group is a very strong supporter of our local and visiting Jewish community and we are happy to promote them in return.

Please note that all Chabad services and Kosher food operate separately from the hotel, and therefore all Jewish information and inquiries should be directed to Chabad and NOT the hotel. Hotel bookings must be done through the hotel. Mention ‘CHABAD’ while booking to receive a 5% discount. More >>



Chabad Niagara has partnered with Niagara Falls attractions, and is offering discounts not found anywhere else!
Save time and money by purchasing these attractions directly from Chabad.  More >>