Frequently asked questions

Chabad Niagara Contact Information

Canadian Phone: 905-356-7200

American Phone: 716-335-9551

Email: [email protected]

6417 Main St. Niagara Falls, ON, Canada L2G 5Y3


  • What time are minyanim today?  

Please visit our Minyan page for detailed times and to register for Minyan.

  • Is the minyan guaranteed?

While we can never guarantee any Minyan, as it’s composed mainly of visitors, our records over the past 12 years show that we have 20-60 people through the month of July, and during August we normally have 50-150 people per minyan. Throughout the 9 days making a minyan is tough, so we recommend you use the Minyan Maker:


  • What are the hours of the shul?

The shul is open 24hr a day.


  • Women’s Mikvaos

Hamilton Mikvah- 128 Cline Ave S, Hamilton, ON

Buffalo Mikvah- 1019 Maple Rd, Williamsville, NY

  • Men’s Mikvah

Hamilton Mikvah- 128 Cline Ave S, Hamilton, ON

Buffalo Mikvah – 1019 Maple Rd, Williamsville, NY


  • Do you offer kosher food? Is there a kosher supermarket or restaurants in the area?

For current up-to-date information on restaurants in Niagara Falls, please visit our restaurant page.

  • Do you have Shabbos food options? Can we buy Shabbos food from the restaurant?

Yes, Chabad offers shabbos meals, see Shabbos below for more information. The restaurant does not have Shabbos meals.

  • What is the hashgacha of the restaurants and Shabbos meals?

Both restaurants and the Shabbos meals are under The COR ‘Kashrus Council of Canada’ certification, with the direct supervision of Rabbi Zalman Zaltzman of Chabad Niagara. The establishments are strictly Cholov Yisrael, Pas Yisrael, Bishul Yisrael, and Haimishe Shchita.

  • Do you offer Beit Yosef?

The chicken which is cut locally is under the supervision of COR and Rabbi Zalman Zaltzman of Niagara Falls and is Beit Yosef standards. It is put on the flame by a Jew in accordance with the halachot of Bishul Yisrael. However, the cold cuts are not cooked with Beit Yosef standards.


  • Where can we stay for Shabbos?

See Hotels below.

  • Do you have Shabbos meals? How much do they cost?

Yes, it costs $140 a person plus fees and gratuities and includes a Friday night meal, a Shabbos Day meal and a Shalosh Seudos. Book at www.jewishniagara.com/reservation

  • Can we have our own table for Shabbos?

        Seating for Shabbat comes in tables with ten seats, with couples and small families seated together. If you would like to reserve a table together with other families, please indicate this in your reservation and we will try to accommodate you. However, this may not always be possible.

  • Can I book just one Shabbos meal?

Depending on availability you could book an individual meal but it’s usually not worth it to the caterers to cook just one meal as they could likely book someone who is buying all 3 meals, but if it is a necessity an individual meal could be bought for $65.

  • What currency are the Shabbat meals in? What are the fees included in the price of meals?

The meals price is in USD. The fees include taxes and gratuity.

  • How can I figure out if the Eiruv is up?

An email goes out on Friday to all Shabbos guests stating the status of the eiruv.


  • What hotels can I stay at during the week or for Shabbos? Can I get a discount?

There are a variety of hotels nearby. If you book at Four Points, Embassy Suites, Hilton Niagara, the Oakes Hotel or Comfort Inn, mention CHABAD to get 5% off.

  • What are the benefits of the Four Points?

There is an Eiruv between the hotel and Chabad, and there are manual doors.

Attractions/ General Information

  • What are the attraction discounts for groups?

Let us know what you want to do and what amount of people, and we will send you an offer that will be lower than even the regular group rates.

  • Where is a park where I can bbq?

Kingsbridge Park is a local park that you can bring your own bbq to, grill on site and eat on the benches inside the gazebo located in the center of the park.

Heartland Forest is a scenic forest in Niagara Falls, known for its trails and picnic/ BBQ area. Call them for information about their availability.

Queenston Heights is a park located in Niagara on the lake, located atop the Niagara Escarpment and the parallel to the Bruce Trails. It is a beautiful place to picnic and BBQ if you’re looking to get away from the loud tourist area.

  • When is the least busy time for the main attractions?

From 11-4 is the busiest time of day, so try going before 11 or after 4.

  • How does the parking work around the Chabad Welcome Center?

We don’t own a parking lot, and you will get towed if you park in the nearby lots, however, there is metered parking on the street and other nearby lots where you could pay for hourly/full-day parking.

  • How long do people stay in Niagara Falls?

Most visitors are here for an average of 2-3 days. Some even stay for 4-5 and seem to enjoy themselves immensely. Average weekend visitors are for Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Monday.