To assist the Jewish Community of the entire Niagara Region, Chabad Niagara has a goal to build a mikvah both for men and women in Niagara Falls. This would also be a great benefit to the thousands who visit Niagara.

In light of the current events, a group of friends arranged to start and spearhead the anticipated Mikvah Campaign in memory of Moussia Zaltzman OBM.


The Mikvah will be built inside the newly purchased Chabad Jewish Welcome Centre, located at 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, Canada. This will include both a Women, Men and Kailim Mikvah. 

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Currently, the closest mikvahs are located in Hamilton Ontario and Buffalo NY. The Buffalo mikvah is approx 25 minutes closer than Hamilton, but requires crossing the border to the USA (which could cause delays). These Mikvahs are by appointment only.

Hamilton, Ontario – Canada
128 Cline Ave. South Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1X2
Approx 55 Minutes from Niagara Falls | Map & Directions
For an appointment call 905-577-6842

Buffalo, NY – USA
1019 Maple Road, Williamsville, NY 14221
Approx 30 Minutes from Niagara Falls | Map & Directions
For an appointment call 716-908-8972 / 716.688.6566

Men’s Mikvah & Kaylim
The Mikvah of Buffalo has a separate men’s mikvah and a kaylim mikvah. In order to maintain it, however, it needs to be left as clean as it was found, and there is a charge of $5USD per person for use of the kaylim and men’s mikvaot.

Transportation available to & from mikva call REB SHLOMO 501-303 4542 or toll free- 1-877- 361 3501.

Please call 716-320-1110 or 716-543-2524 or 716-688-6566 for the access code.