School & Camp Booking Form

Dear Schools Principals and Camp Directors

We are happy to assist you in booking your group’s trip, including all attractions (on the US and Canadian sides), Meals, and Hotel Accommodations. 

The Border crossing into Canada is fully open. No vaccination or testing is required.

We look forward to serving your group trip. We are currently very busy until Pesach but want to ensure that your group is taken care of. The only things that are time-sensitive and need to be booked ASAP are Hotel accommodations and Jet Boat time slots, as their schedule is filling quickly.

Please submit the group booking form at ASAP. This will add your group to our system. If you are not sure about your final date or quantity of visitors, we can easily adjust that later after your submission, so no worries.

If you need hotel accommodations and/or jet boat bookings, you will hear back within 1 business day. If you do not need either of those, we will reply at our earliest convenience but no rush before Pesach.

Once you submit the form, we will send you our price list. If you need to add or remove attractions that you chose, just let us know, and we can add/remove them with one click, so no worries.