Border Crossing Information


U.S. citizens will be required to present one of the following documents for entry:
• U.S. Passport Card
• U.S. Passport

Children: U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 will be able to present the original or copy of their birth certificate or other proof of U.S. citizenship such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card.

Trusted Traveler Program Cards
Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website: for more information on the changing travel requirements.


Monday to Thursday you can expect to wait approximately 10 minutes at the Canadian Customs Inspection Station. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, this wait time can increase from 20 minutes to 1 hour at peak times. Be prepared to show the appropriate documents as listed above, and be prepared for your vehicle to be inspected by customs officials.
Click Here for border crossing wait times, or call 1-800-715-6722


You may be detained by Canadian customs if:

  • You have a criminal record. You may be excluded from entering the country. Contact a Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulate for information on obtaining a waiver of exclusion.

  • You are traveling with children and both parents are not present. Grandparents or legal guardians traveling with children under the age of 18 must present proof of custody or letters from the child’s natural parents authorizing the trip, along with proof of the children’s citizenship.

  • You are a naturalized citizen – present valid passport or naturalization certificate.

  • You are an alien permanent resident of the US – present Alien Registration Card, or “Green Card”.


Personal belongings or baggage may be brought with you when entering Canada, such as clothing, camping or sports equipment, cameras, vehicles. You may be asked to fill out a customs declaration card. These items are for your personal use only, and may not be used by any resident of Canada or business based in Canada. No tax or duty will be charged on personal baggage items brought with you upon re-entry to the US, however, Customs may request a security deposit on your goods which will be returned upon leaving Canada.

You may bring gifts into Canada tax and duty free, but only if the gifts are valued at less than $60 Canadian. Gifts over $60 will be charged duty of the excess amount. If you are over the legal drinking age of the province you are entering, you may bring alcoholic beverages and tobacco products with you. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. You may bring:

1.5 liters of wine
1.14 liters of liquor
or 24 x 355ml cans or bottles (8.5 liters) of beer or ale

200 cigarettes
50 cigars
200 grams of manufactured tobaccoand 200 tobacco sticks
Obscene or hate materials, weapons, or items generally harmful to the environment are prohibited from entering Canada. If you are bringing weapons, dairy or meat products, plants, animals, vehicles, or anything you are unsure about, please contact Canada Customs beforehand for guidance.