Throughout the tourist season, there are two Kosher restaurants in Niagara Falls which have acquired space on the main level of the Chabad Jewish Welcome Centre.

We are excited to announce that the famous Bubbys New York Bagels will be opening June 1st for the summer season of 2018.
We would like to thank Andrea Levy and Top Nosh for their three years of commitment and excellence. Their services benefited tens of thousands of visitors with professional, fresh and elegant kosher cuisine. We wish them continued success while they pursue new ventures.



2018 season: June 1 – Sep 4, Chol Hamoed
Hours: 9am – 10pm 




2018 season: coming soon
Hours: 5pm – 9pm



Chabad Jewish Welcome Center

6417 Main Street,
Niagara Falls
Ontario, L2G 5Y3


Kosher Supermarkets

There are NO kosher supermarkets in Niagara Falls. You may find some products with a Hechsher of OU, OK, COR, MK in any supermarket.



Both restaurants are under The COR ‘Kashrus Council of Canada’ certification, with the direct supervision of Rabbi Zalman Zaltzman of Chabad Niagara.

The establishments are strictly,
Cholov Yisrael
Pas Yisrael
Bishul Yisrael
Haimishe Shchita


Both restaurants are owned and operated by independent operators, who lease the space within the Chabad Jewish Welcome Centre, at 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Please Note: Chabad does not have refrigeration space, or a microwave, etc. Also, you cannot cook or eat in the Shul.

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